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ACITAD was established in Tirana in February 2012 aiming at the creation of the Albanian business elite and the strengthening of the relationship between  business world and society and its values​​. The vision of the association will be the Albanian businessmen and entrepreneurs’ echo in Albania and abroad, as well as their worldwide presentation with dignity. Another purpose is the creating and developing  of positive synergies in different sectors of the economy between members of the association, the promotion of personal, social and professional development  of the members and their commitment to research and development projects and supporting them in accordance with the legislation towards strategic sectors. Solidarity and social responsibility in the redistribution of benefits of the business elite throughout our society remain an our important priority. Moreover, we strongly support the creation of a positive culture of mutual assistance among members and their commitment to promoting the values ​​of society.

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    Oct 06
    National business meeting – 2nd edition Kemi kenaqesine t’ju njoftojme se me date 28 tetor ACITAD do te organizoje edicionin e dyte te eventit “Takimi Mbarëkombetar (...)

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    Sep 15
    Balkan Energy Finance Forum 2015 The 8th annual Southeast Europe Energy event will unite key players from across the Energy industry, from both private and public sectors, (...)

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  • Lajme

    Shqipëri-Mal i Zi, nisin projektet e bashkëpunimit

    Risitë dhe përdorimi i produkteve Vileda Proffesional’

    280 subjekte të gjobitura gjatë kontrolleve për naftën

    Gjiknuri në Qipro për bashkëpunime në fushën e energjitikës dhe gazit

    Genti Sejko, Guvernatori i ri i Bankës së Shqipërisë ?

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